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How To Resolve If Microsoft Team Share Screen is not Working on Mac? -

Microsoft Teams is the best collaboration tool which provides useful features like file sharing, audio and video calls, whiteboard, screen sharing etc. Screen sharing helps the user to present the information in the best way. If the user need assistance, then call Microsoft team through

Method To Resolve If Microsoft Team Share Screen is not Working on Mac:

  • Modify Security Permissions:

First, the user should click on the Apple menu. Then, you have to navigate to System Preferences and then tap on Security & Privacy and then hit on the Privacy tab. Now, you have to click on Screen Recording. From here, you should tap on the lock icon in order to make changes. If it is necessary, then you should enter your admin password. At last, you need to click on the checkbox which is next to Microsoft Teams. Now the notification window will prompt you to restart it, then click on Agree option. At last, you should see if the issue persists or not. If the user needs support, then contact Microsoft via

  • Choose NetAuthAgent from Activity Monitor:

For this, first you should start just by clicking on Applications. Then, you have to click on the Utilities Folder. After this, you need to open Activity Monitor. Now, you should find and locate the process called NetAuthAgent. After finding it, you should immediately select it. At the end, you should click on the Quit Process.

  • Update Microsoft Teams Desktop App:

Generally, updates are released if there is a security issues in the software and it fixes the bugs which are discovered in the software. And normally, Microsoft Teams desktop app automatically updates itself, but if you wanted to check that if there is any new version of Microsoft Team Desktop App available then you just click on your profile picture and then choose Check for updates. It is recommended that you must verify that you update the software properly.

  • Check for macOS Updates:

In spite of the above solution, if the issue still continues then you should follow this path: First, go to the Apple menu and then click on the System Preferences and then choose Software Update. If you find the updates are available, then you should click on Update Now option. At this point, your Mac device will download the update and then restart it to finish the process. Now, you should check the issues are solved or not. If in case not, then contact Microsoft through Some of the users also report that quitting all the running apps will also help you to fix the issue and then again try it.

The above method help you to fix the issue If Microsoft Team Share screen is not working on Mac. If the customers need any kind of help or support, then they can anytime from anywhere contact Microsoft support team via

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