Why PDF Document is better Than Word, Excel and PowerPoint?

PDF format files are the read only Portable Document File. These files are best for the business purposes. It can be stored on the server of the company; it occupies less space in the memory of your device. These files are portable and can easily be integrated into any network. You do not require the additional hardware to store them. You can easily read, edit and share the PDF document. It gives better security and also spares your private records from unapproved access. MS Office is consisting of many applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can install this software via

Benefits of PDF document:

  • PDF has inclusive Configuration and are Universal:

This document can be shared easily on all the devices. And it appears same on all the gadgets. These documents are independent of the software, hardware and also of the operating system.

  • PDF files are Secure:

These documents are easily accepted on the court of law. These files are very difficult to edit. If on editing, it leaves an electronic footprint. click here

  • Easy to create:

You can easily convert Word, Excel or PowerPoint file into PDF document with the help of converter like Classic PDF. It is very quick and easy to convert other files into PDF.

  • Consumes less space:

PDF files consume very less space; can be stored in the company’s server and it can also be uploaded on the websites as well. In PDF document, you can merge multiple file formats into one single file.

  • Free PDF reading:

PDF are free to use and you can read the PDF easily. It can be seen on any gadgets.

  • Interactive Documents:

These documents are very interactive and it includes hyperlinks, music files and media in their PDF files.

  • Accessibility:

The PDF documents can be made accessible by inserting bookmarks, alternate text and tags. PDF documents are accessible to many businesses and private organizations to benefit their disabled employees. visit here

  • Searchable:

PDF is searchable and through this you can find easily find a word or sentence. To make the PDF file more organized you can use the table of contents.

  • Password Protected PDF files:

You should keep the password for your PDF files to secure your confidential information. Password gives the additional layer of security to your document. Only that person can see the document which has the password.

For more information, you can contact to the customer care executive of MS Office via For help and support you can call on their toll free number at any time.   

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